1. Government of Bangladesh has granted the patent on Innovating “Automated high speed Jute Ribboning machine and  process there of” [Patent no. 1005146 dated 17/02/2014].
  2. Government of India has granted Patents for the invention entitled – “Improved Eco Friendly Recyclingprocess of post consumer waste plastics & devices thereof” on 02.03.2007. Patent number: 202532:(772/KOL/2004) for 20 years from 30.11.2004 in accordance with the provision of the Patent Act, 1970.This may be mentioned that the Department of Environment, Government of West Bengal through Indo-Canadian Facility (ICF), announced subsidy of 50% cost for incorporation of patented technology for the plastics recyclers of Kolkata in2006.
  3. Patent for “Automatic High Speed Jute Ribboning Machine and the process there of”. Patent Application number: 32/KOL/2010 is awaited.